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Napton Hire Base

ROUTE-MAPWigrams Turn Marina, Shuckburgh Road,
Napton on the Hill, Southam, Warwickshire  CV47 8NL

Base Contact: Patsy Tandy

Base Information

Ideally situated at the head of the Oxford Canal, Napton is a base for a large number of interesting routes. The Warwickshire Ring, for the more energetic, contrasts the beautiful countryside around Warwick with city life and industry through Birmingham and Spaghetti Junction.

Trips of beauty and interest can also be achieved, including Stratford Upon Avon, Oxford, Snarestone, or a visit to the Waterways Museum at Stoke Bruerne, depending on the number of locks you wish to negotiate.

Suggested Routes From Napton:

Short Routes From Napton:

Narrowboat Availability From Napton:

Napton Sat 2.30pm to Tues 2.30pm Wed 9.30am to Sat 9.30am Fri 2.30pm to Mon 9.30am Mon 2.30pm to Fri 9.30am
Princess 2 1 Yes Yes
Duchess 2 1 Yes Yes
Princess 4 3 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Duchess 4 2 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shakespeare 2 Yes Yes
Lautrec 1 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Princess 6 1 Yes Yes
Countess 4 1 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Duchess 6 2 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Duchess 8 1 Yes Yes