New for 2016 – Damage Waiver included!

New for next year we have included the Damage Waiver cost of £50 into the price of a Black Prince narrowboat holiday.

This means it will be clearer for you to understand up front the cost of your break.

The Accidental Damage Waiver Scheme covers you in the event of damage, loss or accident to your boat or its inventory during your holiday and it saves you from leaving a larger cash deposit when you arrive at the canal boat hire base.

There are some obvious exceptions – just to add in a bit of ‘small print’.  You won’t be covered if you are caught speeding, if you’re negligent, if you ignore all our warnings about cill damage or if you return the boat late with lots of cleaning to do.   Fair enough?

So book any 2016 holiday now and you’ve got it covered.

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