Accessibility Statement


This access statement aims to accurately describe the facilities and services available to our passengers for guests to make an informed decision about using our services.

Black Prince Narrowboat Holidays is dedicated to providing a memorable and inclusive holiday experience for all our guests and we have often provided holidays to those who have special requirements, or who are less mobile. 

However, for reasons of safety, at least two of the crew on each boat should be active enough to operate the boat and locks etc. (Beginners are welcome as full coaching in operation both the boat and waterway are provided).

We regret that our narrowboat hire services may not be suitable for individuals who require wheelchair accessibility due to the inherent nature of narrowboats.

We have tried to include as much information as possible in this statement. If you have any further enquiries, please feel free to give us a call on 01527 575115. Our experienced staff are always happy to advise on access to our vessels and to discuss any particular needs or requirements that you may have.

Narrowboat Limitations

Our narrowboats are charming and traditional, but their design inherently includes certain limitations that may pose challenges for wheelchair users. These limitations include:

  • Narrow aisles: the interior of our narrowboats, by design, features narrow aisles and limited space, which may not allow for comfortable wheelchair manoeuvrability.
  • Limited accessibility features: our narrowboats do not have the structural accommodations typically found in fully wheelchair-accessible vessels, such as ramped entries and wider pathways.
  • Bathroom accessibility: due to space constraints, our bathroom facilities on narrowboats are not wheelchair friendly.
  • Restricted mooring locations: the nature of narrowboats means that they may have limited accessibility at certain mooring locations, which may require the use of steps or ladders.

Booking Assistance

If you have mobility challenges and are interested in experiencing a holiday on our narrowboats, we encourage you to contact our customer support team to discuss how, if possible, we can meet your particular needs. 

Passengers with Limited Mobility

We ask that passengers with limited mobility or other physical impairment please make yourself known on arrival so that we can provide appropriate assistance. Our team are always happy to provide an arm for support offer guidance on handrails and foot placement, or simply hold bags / sticks / walkers for embarking passengers.

Passengers with a Hearing Impairment

We ask that passengers with an impairment that may prevent them from hearing the induction briefing before the start of the trip let our team know in advance of arrival. We can then ensure we are prepared to adapt the induction process with printed documents etc. 

Passengers with a Visual Impairment

We ask that passengers with a visual impairment please make yourself known to a member of our friendly team so that we can provide appropriate assistance. 

Travelling with Young Children

We welcome children of all ages aboard all our boats. It may not be feasible to have a travel cot in the bedroom area due to width restrictions, but travel cots can be used in the dining area where there is more room, or you can request cot sides for the beds. Both travel cots and cot sides can be provided by Black Prince, subject to availability. Please request when booking.

Boat Access

The boats are accessed via a footpath alongside the canal or within a marina, all boats being moored and tied with ropes to low bollards or mooring rings that are fixed to the path. Boats may be moored alongside each other, meaning that you step on one boat to access another boat. If you or your crew need help accessing the boat, please contact us in advance and we will try to position the boat for easier access. Our staff will also, on request, be pleased to help you on and off the boat at our Hire Bases.

The interior of the boat is accessed by steps inside the front and rear doors. The stern with its flat deck is normally easier to access from the bank but has four steep steps down into the cabin. The bow is harder to access from the bank as you must step over the gunwale and down onto the deck, but from here there is only one or two small steps into the cabin. There is a height restriction on the doors to the interior of boat here, you may have to bend to step inside the boat onto the step down. Once inside the boat the floor is flat, and the walkways are narrow. 

The boat itself has everything you need for normal day to day living (WC, kitchen, dining room, bedroom) so you can remain onboard the boat if getting on and off is difficult. 

Feedback and Contact Information:

We value your feedback and are always open to suggestions. If you have any concerns or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at:


Call: 00 44 (0)1527 575115

Black Prince Holidays Ltd, The Wharf, Hanbury Road, Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove  B60 4LA

Your input is essential in helping us improve and expand our services for all customers.

This Accessibility Statement reflects our commitment to transparency and inclusivity. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to helping you plan a memorable holiday experience that best suits your needs.

Black Prince Holidays remains dedicated to providing exceptional holiday experiences to all our guests within the limitations of our narrowboats’ design. Thank you for considering us for your holiday plans.


Call today on ++44 (0)1527 575 115 and a Black Prince team member will be happy to help!

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