Cancellation Protection Scheme

For complete reassurance you can add our Cancellation Protection to your booking, which covers you in the event of you having to cancel your holiday due to certain circumstances.

When booking a Black Prince Holiday, you will be looking forward to a relaxing break. Unfortunately, circumstances can sometimes intervene and so we  offer the Black Prince Cancellation Protection Scheme as detailed below.

Once a deposit has been paid and your booking confirmed, a contract exists which renders you liable for the whole of the hire charge even if you are prevented from taking your holiday. If you opt to take the Cancellation Protection Scheme this will offer you protection against this liability under the qualifying circumstances detailed below.


Qualifying Circumstances

1.Death, injury, illness or pregnancy (certified in all cases by a qualified medical practitioner), jury service or witness call of any member of the party listed on the booking form at the time of booking.

2.Death, injury or illness (certified in all cases by a qualified medical practitioner) of the spouse, partner, parent, step-parent, parent-in-law, brother, sister, children or step-children of the hirer or any member of the party.

3.Redundancy of the hirer, providing that the hirer qualifies for payment under the Redundancy Payment Act 1965.

4.Cancelled leave orders in respect of the UK police and military personnel.


Call us as soon as you can or, if you booked through a booking agent, please call your agent. We will then cancel your holiday. If you require a refund, then we may ask you to send written proof of why you need to cancel such as a doctor’s certification, court notification etc. If so, please send a scan or photocopy of the evidence to within 48 hours of our request and prior to your holiday start date. If we’ve requested written proof of why you need to cancel, then please wait to hear from us regarding any refund due. Refunds will be issued within 10 days; these may be subject to any bank charges and will be less your Cancellation Protection Scheme Fee. Cancellation charges are calculated from the date we received your verbal instructions.


If you are cancelling your holiday under any of the following circumstances listed below in points 1 – 5, you will benefit from the following with the Cancellation Protection Scheme:

Number of days before the start of your holidayWhat you’d get back
2 days (48 hours) or moreFull refund (less the Cancellation Protection Scheme Fee)
2 days (47 hours, 59 minutes)30% refund of your total holiday cost (less the Cancellation Protection Scheme fee)

This scheme is subject to a warranty at the time of completing the proposal that each proposer and each person on whose state of health the holiday depends; is in good health, free from physical or mental defect, not subject to any chronic or recurring illness, and is not under treatment of any kind.

Any holiday refunds will be subject to any bank charges that may apply.