A Dummy’s Guide to Sailing

Here at Black Prince Narrowboats we’re often asked about water safety.  Canal boat holidays, like any sailing holiday, have a certain list of recommended ‘do’s and don’ts’.
Whether you’re a first time sailor, or seasoned professional, it’s always good to have a little reminder of the rules and general etiquette of the waterways.  Canal boat holidays are great introduction to the art of sailing – no licensing or prior training required, within a couple of hours of our expert inductions, any newcomer can be on their way, piloting their very own leisure craft!  If you’re new to all this and want to find out more, visit our ‘New to Narrowboating’ page for full information.

So here is our handy – and a little tongue-in-cheek – guide to ‘Sailing for Dummy’s’. (No insults to dummy’s or mannequins of any type intended).



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