Narrowboat journey through a winter wonderland


Every now and then we ask for willing volunteers to move our narrowboat’s for us from one base to another, generally  before the start of the season.

Nicholas and his team certainly had his work cut out for him on his journey up to Napton with ‘Princess’ Leah this March.  Normally at this time of year the worst you can expect would be a bit of rain, but this eventful journey was filled with ice, snow, trees down and bridges iced shut!   But the intrepid team made it and delivered the boat early so that it was ready for hire.

Nicholas says “Thank goodness the boat had central heating, and we had come with many warm layers of clothes!!”.  Fortunately for us he’s keen to help us out again in the future.

The snowy weather seems to be finally moving on from the UK, and spring is well on its way.  We don’t expect many of our holiday guests to have to cope with conditions like these in April!

24_stop_off_at_Wedges_bakery 75_last_stretch_to_Napton 30_winter_wonderland_in_March

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