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Cheshire Acton Bridge Hire Base

ROUTE-MAPBartington Wharf, Warrington Road, Bartington
Northwich, Cheshire, CW8 4QU
Base Contact: Danny Coleman

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Based near Northwich, our Cheshire Acton Bridge hire base is a great place for exploring a number of routes. Traveling north, you meet the canal where it all started – the Bridgewater Canal, which takes your narrowboat lock-free to Manchester. From there you can travel to the Leeds-Liverpool Canal, or continue on the Cheshire Ring via the Peak Forest and Macclesfield.

Suggested Routes From Cheshire Acton Bridge:

Short Routes From Acton Bridge, Cheshire:


Please Note! In 2014 start days from this base are Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 2.30pm

Narrowboat Availability From Cheshire Acton Bridge:

Cheshire Acton Bridge Sat 2.30pm to Tues 9.30am Tues 2.30pm to Sat 9.30am Fri 2.30pm to Mon 9.30am Mon 2.30pm to Fri 9.30am
Princess 2 Yes Yes
Princess 4 Yes Yes
Duchess 2 Yes Yes
Duchess 4 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shakespeare 4 Yes Yes
Princess 6 Yes Yes
Countess 4 Yes Yes
Duchess 6 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Duchess 8 Yes Yes